NABS Committees

NABS currently has eight standing committees listed below. If you would like to volunteer to help out on one of these committees, please contact the committee chair listed.


Aqua Corp Committee

Aqua Corp is comprised of Dive Professionals that ensures the safety of all NABS members at NABS diving events.

Dive Safety Officer -  Jimi Mack -


Awards & Recognition Committee

Responsible for developing and continually monitoring selection criteria for Board approval for recognition in the categories of Diver of the Year, Club of the Year and induction into the NABS Hall of Fame.

Chairperson - Gary McGee -


Membership Committee

Responsible for brainstorming ideas, planning events and maintaining a written record of how the event was planned for future use by club elected officers.

Chairperson - Chris Searles -


Marketing & Fundraising Committee

Responsible for raising funds for the NABS organization, as well as marketing the NABS brand.

Chairperson - Leroy


Nomination Committee

Responsible for establishing the nomination period, election time period and recording the names of each candidate and their qualifications for the position they are seeking.

Chairperson - Lora Routt -


Summit Committee

The summit is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors and Executive Board in planning the Annual National Meeting to be held each calendar year.

Chairperson - Ron Denmon -


Science & Education Committee

This committee recruits talent to serve as knowledge leaders, they actively engage in educational and scientific projects; and they initiate and lead collaborative ventures within and outside of NABS.

Chairperson - Dr. Jose Jones -

Youth Committee

Responsible for coordinating youth programs with the club presidents in each region.

Chairperson - Jimi Mack -