Science & Education Committee Report


The Science and Education Committee (SEC) has under its’ charge: (1) coordination of all scientific and education activities under the organization’s umbrella, (2) monitoring of projects and assisting clubs when requested, (3) acting as a clearing house for proposed projects and attempt to secure funding sources for approved projects, and (4) making certain clubs are made aware of the magnitude of the Science and Education projects through an inventory of projects that are posed online. The Science and Education Committee’s current projects are as follows:


 The NABS Science and Education Committee under the leadership of committee members, Bill Murrain, Michael Cottman and Jose' Jones, has been engaged in a collaborative project with NOAA titled “Voyage to Discovery “ (

  • Develop and tell the story of the maritime history of African American people in their relation to the seas and the nation's bodies of water.
  • Develop an interactive website and a scholarly database
  • Continue and expand Voyage to Discovery to include a terrestrial component.


Additionally, the first NOAA/NABS Mission was held 9/16/12 to 9/23/12, and the mission utilized the NABS divers who hold the NOAA Scientific Diver Certification mapping Mike's Wreck in Florida.



The first Guerrero Expedition was held July 5th-12th, 2010, and the second search was held July 9th -12th  2012

  • There were thirty (30) participants from NABS, NOAA, Mel Fisher Foundation. Representatives from all of the players involved in the Southern Africa Slave Ship Project were there as well, which includes George Washington University, the Mel Fisher Foundation, the National Park Service, the Smithsonian Museum, and the South Africa Museum (SARAH).
  • Some of the artifacts found were metal pipes, nails, ballasts, copper sheathing, bottles, rods, cannon bar shot, ceramic plate and buried metal.
  • PBS filmed the entire expedition, film to be aired in the spring of 2013. A preview was shown at the 2012 Summit in Key Largo.



The Seabase Project is still on tract; they received their 501(c)3 designation and are pursuing funding in earnest.


(4) YOUTH SUMMIT AND YOUTH ACTIVITIES - Jimmie Mack, Coordinator

Another highly successful activity of NABS is the Youth Summit (YES). It is getting better and better each year, and it is earning a national and international reputation for excellence. Several other organizations and locations are modeling their youth programs after YES. The 2012 Youth Summit was held in Houston, Texas, and it was considered the best one yet.

  • There were 35 attendees representing all four NABS regions (See NABS Fall 2012 Newsletter)
  • NABS/YES and TAP diver, Rachel Stewart was selected to visit the Aquarius Reef Base undersea lab off Key Largo and visit with the famed scientist, Dr. Sylvia Earle.
  • The 2013 Youth Summit will be held in Texas from June 16th to 22nd, 2013. Contact Jimmie Mack at for more information.



This is a new UAS project involving raising a sunken two-man underwater habitat from the waters of Gwynn Island, Va. The first team completed a search, survey and outside cleaning of the habitat on October 20, 2012. The next expedition will remove the sand from the ballasts and raise the habitat. (Date to be announced). Other NABS divers are encouraged to participate in this project.



  • Continue on-going projects
  • Establish a NABS Reef for research
  • Visit more trade shows as individuals, clubs and as NABS.
  • Work more with Bitonga Divers of Mozambique
  • Have NABS recognized by the America Association of Underwater Science (AAUS) as Scientific Divers
  • Develop projects with Ocean Revolution in South Africa and other locations.
  • Develop an undergraduate scholarship in Archeology for minority student at George Washington University


Respectfully submitted,

A. Jose' Jones, Chair